• CX0202


    l        Three channel MSR interface with ISO7811 compliant
    l        Three channel Smart Card interface with ISO7816/EMV2000 compliant
    l        Two wire host interface with programmable interrupt output
    l        15mA Maximum Operating Current

    CX0202Detail Description
    MSR Features
    ŸFull compliance with the ISO7811 standard
    ŸThe signal input: 100~22KHz support
    ŸSignal strength: voltage 10mv~400mv
    ŸWith high precision and low pass filter: low pass filter SNR >30db 100KHZ, has strong anti-interference ability
    ŸAGC circuit with high sensitivity
    Smart Card interfaces
    ŸCompliance with ISO7816EMV2000
    ŸDirect Connection to the Smart Cards
    -Direct Level Shifters
    -Short circuit current limiter
    -ESD(HBM) protection on the card-side up to 6kV
    Ÿ1 Master Smart Card interface
    -Synchronous Card support
    -Card Detection
    Ÿ2SAM/SIM Card interfaces
    ŸProgrammable Voltage for each smartcard
    -ClassA:5V±0.4V at 60mA (Bypass VIN voltage)
    -ClassB:3V±0.2V at 50mA
    -ClassC:1.8V±0.14V at 30mA
    ŸCard Clock Stop High or Low for Card power-down mode
    External Clock Input
    Ÿ CLK input frequency:10MHz to 24MHz;support IIC Fast-mode
    Ÿ CLK input frequency:4MHz to 10MHz;support IIC Standard-mode
    Ø Temperature Range:-20℃to+85℃